Docquity - Medical Cases Discussion App

Why Docquity is so popular in Indonesia?

Docquity is a mobile application for :

  1. Doctor’s discussion
  2. Medical cases 
  3. Second opinion for doctors

In a nutshell, Docquity is a medical education and knowledge sharing platform, exclusively for doctors.

This app is popular in Malaysia, India and especially in Indonesia. Primarily, this app facilitates doctors to do CME courses for free.

Besides, it’s one of the best apps for discussing medical cases with other experienced doctors from the same or different specialization.

Creating an effective solution for such a unique yet technically-complex niche is often intimidating, yet Docquity has been successful in the same.

Let’s discuss the factors that led to this massive success for Docquity among the medical professionals’ community.
Why Docquity App Started?

Indranil Roychowdhury, the founder of Docquity app, nearly lost his father in 2011. He had to be suddenly taken to the hospital after experiencing a rapid drop in blood pressure and severe chest Pain.

The senior doctor, who examined the symptoms, diagnosed it as a critical cardiac damage and announced to the family that he had merely a few hours left. Indranil and his family were devastated upon hearing this unfortunate news.

Source, Techinasia

As a last resort to help the family, the senior doctor contacted one of his earlier classmates in the US for a second opinion on the situation.

He called the nurse as soon as he put down the phone and asked her to quickly pump 400 mg of Cordarone into the patient.

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Fortunately, the patient’s condition stabilized, and though he remained in the ICU for the next 90 days, he survived. Today he is healthy and fit.

Source, Techinasia

This was a revolutionary moment for the founder. He started wondering about the consequences if the doctor didn’t take a second opinion from his colleague?

How many lives can be saved if there was a platform for sharing such critical cases within the medical community?
That’s when the Eureka Moment happened- create an App to help doctors discuss medical cases while maintaining the privacy and secrecy of their medical research.

Voila! Docquity came into existence, and has rapidly become an essential social network for doctors.

Docquity’s popularity is bolstered by the fact that there are very few apps that help doctors remain up to date on the ongoing and upcoming advances in medical science within the limited spare time they get after tedious working hours.

How is Docquity App beneficial for doctors?

Once the basic module for this application was intercepted, the next big challenge was to make it user-friendly, engaging, and of course, useful for the medical community.

Team Docquity studied the framework and elements of several other successful networking apps like LinkedIn and Whatsapp and adapted it accordingly for their own user base to make it simpler and more user-friendly.

As the app development progressed, they learnt that there are so many young graduates that go for internship during their medical study but have very few senior doctors from whom they can learn.

Internship with Doctor

Internship with Doctor

The curiosity and questions bubbling in their minds are often left unanswered because of a lack of guidance.

In the absence of guidance from seniors, the only option left for them is to search the internet for answers. But most information on the web often comes from unreliable sources and hence, can’t be trusted.

Hence, there is a critical need for a reliable source of information for these young graduates.

Docquity has deftly filled this information gap by enabling the flow of accurate and updated information from veterans in the medical field to their youngsters as well as experts from other specializations.

Docquity is an app on which the information is shared by the doctors, for the doctors.

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Several doctors publish their journal and post a plethora of case studies that are incredibly helpful for young doctors.

Not only that, it is one of the fastest ways to get your published cases and journals peer-reviewed from experienced doctors.
Such a level of community-enriching and collaborating experience within the medical fraternity is undoubtedly beneficial in the progress of medical research as a whole too.

Reasons to Download the Docquity App

Here are the reasons to download the App:-

  • Pursue CME/SKP/CPD credits online for free
  • Quickly ask for a second opinion from other doctors
  • Share clinical insights and discuss medical cases in real-time
  • Keep abreast with the advances in medicine by following the top medical journals
  • Customize your app feed as per your specialization, like- Pediatrics, Dermatology, Oncology etc.
  • Get a personalized website for interacting with patients and peers.
  • Easily order samples from leading pharmacy companies for trial.

    Source Docquity


Here is a list of reasons why Docquity is gaining popularity in Asia. It started for Asia but now the app is available worldwide.

Founder – Indranil Roychowdhury 

Download the App and indulge in the best knowledge sharing platform with other doctors.

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Do Doctor Ask a Second Opinion?

How Doctors Keep Up with the Advances in Medical Science?

According to a doctor, “Even if the evidence gives up, still the doctor says YES.”

I think becoming a doctor is one of the prestigious careers one can opt for. As we have seen, people see them with respect anywhere they go.

They have a respect for the society and yes the patients respect them a lot and always expect some extra-ordinary cure of their disease from them

Well, the ability of the doctor is not only to cure the disease but also to keep their patients up to date with any update about the treatments that are possible now and were not possible earlier.

According to recent studies in Indonesia, a Doctor has the busiest schedule, an average doctor works 10-12 hours per day and during the internships, they are made to work even more than 12 hours sometimes.

Becoming a doctor is not easy and is one of the toughest careers too.

The main question that I always wondered that if doctors have so busy schedule then how they keep up with the medical technology advances, especially an experienced doctor who is researching and even writing a thesis and attending patients too?

Another question that I used to think was what if a technology has come for some disease and doctor was not aware of it and then what would happen in that case?

Do doctors take a second opinion on some cure? Or a disease? How? Is it helpful?



Do Doctors want the Second Opinion?


I tried to find answers on Quora and LinkedIn but didn’t get any satisfying answers.

With so many questions, I decided to talk to a doctor who can answer my queries and can clear my mind about advances in the medical field.

I chose 3 doctors and wanted to gather different opinions.

I contacted a Heart Surgeon, a General Physician and a doctor for Internal medicine.

Firstly was the heart Surgeon, the most difficult medical study of all who is mostly called in case of emergency for a quick heart surgery and he didn’t give me an appointment for 2 weeks because he was that busy and on talking to him, I realized he was pretty much updated about his work and the advances in medical Field and being a senior doctor he was into research too.

But How come he managed everything?

He said:  I don’t like to answer much on Quora but I do different CME Courses & SKP Courses Online all the time every year and also discuss medical cases with other doctors on different Apps like Docquity.

He added that doctors are busy but still respect a second opinion every time and he continued there had been times when taking a second opinion from doctors was difficult and the doctor had only 2 things to deal with the patient, the experience and the medical studies he did.

Next, I contacted a General Physician in Jakarta; these doctors can be a lot busy because during the time of Flu they have to look up to 200-300 patients and have to listen 10-15 minutes to each one of them and even write the prescription with it.


The answer was not exactly the same, but somewhat same he too used apps Like Docquity to discuss medical cases and also study SKP courses.

The only thing that was best with him he got an ample amount of time for studying the books and has subscribed hundreds of magazines when there was no season of Flu and has few very patients.

These doctors get time to use apps like Curofy and Quora. I found these doctors are more social than the other doctors

Till now my all doubts were clear that yes the doctors are keeping up to date with the medical advancements.
Then I started digging in this App Docquity and how it is helping the doctor, that many doctors are using it.

Docquity - Medical Cases Discussion App
Docquity – Medical Cases Discussion App

The reason I jumped to start digging in this app because even the third doctor used Docquity and Daily Rounds Medical Discussion App.


Next Blog: Read More about Docquity, why it has become so famous only in Indonesia?

Previous Blog: Top 7 Medical Cases App in Indonesia.

We should not at all doubt our doctors about the medical advancements that they are well aware or not.

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Top 7 Doctor’s Discussion Apps in Indonesia

  1. Docquity

An App for the second Opinion – Docquity- A Doctor’s discussion App

It is the number one App for doctors in Indonesia. It started in 2016. Docquity is Asia’s fastest growing Medical Education and Knowledge sharing platform exclusively for doctors.

They have partnered with the most elite medical national associations of Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia.

A best and largest academic network for Physicians, Surgeons and Medical Students.

It is being called as a Social Network App for Doctors by Technisia. They have a daily traffic of 10K doctors on their App only from Indonesia.

They have a good customer retention and most of the customers use the app every day for at least an hour and in a month hundreds of doctor in Indonesia download this app for doing CME Courses Online for Free.

Docquity is a Private & Secure Learning platform provides you:


  1. Daily Rounds

It is another app for doctors. It is the best and first app for sharing and learning from clinical Cases.

The App contains 2000+ molecules and 10K+ Brands.

  • One can get as a number of Clinical Cases as Possible since these are the best ways for any Medical Student to Learn.
  • Get Up to date information on Drug List & Drug Interaction.
  • Offers MCQ that help you become a better doctor.

Have Fun with Clinical Cases.


  1. Skyscape Medical Library

One of the oldest App for Doctors and it was originally released over 20 years as first m-health tool.

Skyscape is a Universal Reference in which one can find related to medical topics and recommendations for managing Patients with a Particular disease.

Also, the tool contains a well-known pharmacological guide RxDrugs, a huge amount of monographic and built-in calculators.


  1. Epocrates

    An app that brings all drug-related Information at your Fingertips.

Identify Potential Harmful drug-drug interaction up to 30 drugs at a Time

  • Perform dozen of calculations like BMI and GFR.
  • Access timely Medical News & Research Information.
  • It has both paid and Free version.
  • Coordinate Securely with HIPPA- Complaint text messaging.
  • Identify Pills by imprint code and physical Characteristic.
  1. Figure1

    It is called the Instagram for doctors

    It’s one of the best Apps that help you in connecting with Physicians at world-renowned Hospitals in more than 190 countries.

    This is one of the Apps which has more than 1 million downloads:
    ◦ Sharpen their medical knowledge on the go
    ◦ Share de-identified teaching cases with a global community
    ◦ Communicate with one another from remote or isolated locations
    ◦ Send HIPAA-compliant direct messages to their colleagues.

    Well, Apart from that it also helps in viewing thousands of real-world teaching cases from physicians and Nurses in hundreds of specialties.

    Images can be uploaded and shared leveraging the power of medical community.

  2. Case

    The case is a Medical Journal App for physicians.

    The case brings thousands of medical journal to bring the latest result in research in a disease, pathway or protein.

    It is simple and has an elegant UI with a powerful Search Query.
    One can subscribe to a specific set of Journals and which makes it easy to read medical journals on your phone.

    The case currently supports 81 medical specialties. It has a collection of cutting-edge research videos and audio transcripts.


  3. MDCalc

    Best App for applying Evidence-based Medicine.

    MDCalc began life as an EM Resident’s WordPress site in 2005 and has become a highly-rated resource for practicing physicians to learn

    The content is written by highly qualified doctors & physicians. They have more than 300 decision tools in the context of specific patient cases.

    MDCalc tools are spread more than 26 specialty areas with more than a million traffic on their App. Though the app is more famous in the US than in Indonesia.

    According to the latest report, more than half the doctors from the US, use MDCalc than in any other country.

    All these apps are available both for Android & IOS.



    These Apps are must for doctors specially Docquity in order to remain ahead in your career while doing any research and getting the opinion, one must know where they have to knock.

    No one is a perfect being, not even me, we all get stuck but very of us know where to get the help.

    Others mostly are either searching on Google or are dependent on books or professors. When I was becoming a doctor, there were only a few doctors whom I was able to reach and even fewer of them helped me.

    When I became a doctor, I started helping young student doctors in solving queries which were not even the books can help. I have met a lot of senior doctors on the app like Docquity and Quora.

    We have personally met and yes we feel we as a doctor apart from helping patients, it’s our most important responsibility to help other Junior doctors.

    Trust this helps!! 🙂